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Fen Technology

Fen is an innovative, Cambridge-based product development team specialising in electronic engineering, software development and project management. Founded more than 20 years ago, Fen repeatedly delivers world-class solutions to clients that range from technology start-ups to global consumer brands.

Starting a relationship with Fen

Fen works with clients who bring everything from product visions to detailed requirements specifications to the table. Speaking in confidence the client shares their initial ideas with Fen's engineering team as part of a preliminary technical evaluation. Assuming the customer develops confidence in Fen's suitability as a technical partner, we can then discuss a commercial model that meets the client's needs. Subject to acceptance of a development proposal, we agree commercial terms and begin the engagement.

We take the long term view

Fen's main goal is to achieve strong long-term client partnerships. With most customers currently returning for multiple projects after an initial engagement, we are proud of our customer satisfaction record.

Relationships built on trust

Fen Technology commits to building open relationships with our clients, including the transfer of knowledge built up during the lifetime of a project. Our default position on Intellectual Property is that ownership of all IP created for a client is transferred to the client as part of the engagement.

Our experience

Each of Fen's engineers has an average of 20+ years experience in the industry, and the core team have also worked together for nearly 20 years. This experience has taught us, often the hard way, to take a realistic approach to our project work.

We make great efforts to assess and manage risk so as to offer practical advice and deliver projects within the requirements set down by our clients.

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Our Services

Fen's engineers have a solid track record in meeting client needs for world class product development. We offer a comprehensive service, supporting clients from concept development, through vendor selection, prototyping, design verification, and product certification to manufacturing introduction. Fen's engineers have experience of the different challenges faced by high volume consumer, low volume instrumentation and most other variations of product in between.

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Fen's Testimonials

"Fen’s engineers have done an excellent job in creating a sophisticated flagship product that outperforms the competition with respect to price/performance ratio. The development methodology is mature and leads to qualitatively solid software, while Fen’s approach has been persistent and professional at all times."
Sito Dekker, CEO, DekTec Digital Video B.V.
"Fen Technology proved a worthy partner in supporting Nujira at a critical stage of our company's development of leading edge power amplifier technology for the cellular infrastructure market. Fen's experience and maturity of approach has given us the confidence to entrust them with a range of tasks that were integral to our early stage development."
Tim Haynes, CEO, Nujira Ltd.
"It gave me a real sense of pride to see that the engineers at Fen were able to pick-up and run with such a demanding set of requirements in such a tight timescale. Ultimately Fen's ability to deliver bang on schedule and budget, much to our customer's satisfaction, is the real measure of our success."
Tim Bustin, Director, Fen Technology Ltd.
"Fen Technology’s skills and experience were a key factor in selecting them as a development partner. Fen’s ability to de-risk the design process was a significant benefit to us during the product development."
Graham Murphy, CEO, RDT Ltd.
"Fen have impressed us with how they have created a solution that has met both EMT’s needs of integration with our existing infrastructure and way of working, and provided a high quality feature enhancement to our product range."
Colin Boughton-Smith, MD, EMT