Internet of Things

It's all about the DATA.

“If you think IoT is going to help you sell more product then it’s probably not for you.  Instead, consider how IoT will improve your business.  As a result you will sell more product!”

Ciaran McAleer, Fen Technology Ltd

The Fen engagement

Fen supports companies in adding IoT to existing products but also helps companies define completely new product categories and services with IoT at their core.

Fen brings to bear a wealth of hardware & software expertise and experience of developing many end-to-end IoT projects almost since formation of the business in 2002




The Power of DATA

IoT releases the power of DATA on a personal level for a single end user and it empowers businesses to operate in smarter ways

Every deployment of an IoT system collects, processes and utilises this data in its own unique fashion

Fen has immense experience in all aspects of data gathering, database design and data transmission

Fen's development skills

  • Cellular connectivity, multi-mobile operator, always-on link optimisation
  • Embedded hardware and software development
  • Design (hardware & system) optimisation to maintain connectivity with minimal battery power
  • Cloud database & application development
  • Cross platform phone / tablet App dev
  • Web server development for both end user access and admin monitoring business control services

Methods and architectures

Connected system architecture specification

Communication technology and protocol

Monetisation methodologies

Tailored framework solutions for cost effective scalable, secure and robust cloud system deployment

Deployment and testing

  • Over-the-air strategies & solutions for upgrading field deployed units
  • Integration with third party data & services
  • Agile and test driven development to allow, specify, trial and evolved feature development methods
  • System load simulation for stress testing high volume cloud deployments
  • Security review for demonstrable due diligence on connected product security

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