Core Skills

A brief summary

Electronics Development

  • From proof of concept to detailed product design
  • System architecture and specification
  • High speed digital circuits including DDR3, Flash, EEPROM
  • FPGA and structured ASIC development
  • System on Chip solutions for wireless
  • Embedded micro-controllers and multi processor systems
  • High speed serialised buses
  • Precision low noise analogue design
  • High speed data acquisition
  • Brushless motor and stepper motor controller
  • Switch mode power supply design
  • Battery powered and ‘wearable’ electronics
  • PCB layout, including signal integrity analysis

Software Development

  • The complete software lifecycle from design to deployment
  • System architecture and specification
  • Agile development methods
  • Test driven software development
  • UX / UX design and development
  • Embedded, cloud, database and mobile development

Project Management

  • Project planning
  • Risk management and mitigation strategies
  • Budget and cost control
  • Change order management
  • Key partner and supplier management
  • Agile project management
  • Test driven software development


New Product Introduction

  • Generation of build documentation
  • Design for cost effective manufacture
  • Design component rationalisation
  • FCC and CE RF emissions and immunity compliance testing
  • Safety approvals testing
  • Hardware and software test for manufacture



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Fen's Testimonials

"Fen’s engineers have done an excellent job in creating a sophisticated flagship product that outperforms the competition with respect to price/performance ratio. The development methodology is mature and leads to qualitatively solid software, while Fen’s approach has been persistent and professional at all times."
Sito Dekker, CEO, DekTec Digital Video B.V.
"Fen Technology proved a worthy partner in supporting Nujira at a critical stage of our company's development of leading edge power amplifier technology for the cellular infrastructure market. Fen's experience and maturity of approach has given us the confidence to entrust them with a range of tasks that were integral to our early stage development."
Tim Haynes, CEO, Nujira Ltd.
"It gave me a real sense of pride to see that the engineers at Fen were able to pick-up and run with such a demanding set of requirements in such a tight timescale. Ultimately Fen's ability to deliver bang on schedule and budget, much to our customer's satisfaction, is the real measure of our success."
Tim Bustin, Director, Fen Technology Ltd.
"Fen Technology’s skills and experience were a key factor in selecting them as a development partner. Fen’s ability to de-risk the design process was a significant benefit to us during the product development."
Graham Murphy, CEO, RDT Ltd.
"Fen have impressed us with how they have created a solution that has met both EMT’s needs of integration with our existing infrastructure and way of working, and provided a high quality feature enhancement to our product range."
Colin Boughton-Smith, MD, EMT