World leading audio amplifier

Fen was asked to develop the world's best audio power amplifier!

The Skills Required

Low noise high power electronics design.
Analogue simulation.

Bench validation of modelled and simulated design concepts.
Audio analysis against benchmark test criteria.

White paper development addressing novel techniques and methods as a consequence of investigative research with world leading academics and industry experts.

The Brief

Fen were asked to explore novel methods and techniques to defy convention and achieve world beating performance in a  high end pro-sumer audio amplifier.

The brief was to work with the client in a specification and modelling / simulation phase, followed by a design and implementation phase leading to a best in class product design.

Some of the requirements were so demanding that a completely fresh approach would be needed to break the mould in amplifier design

The Solution

Fen worked with world leading audio experts to investigate and explore new components and techniques, considering and modelling each in turn to select the optimum solution for both multiple amplifier stages and power supply design.

A number of prototypes were built and tested against the specifications and simulations, to optimise the design. This resulted in a suite of parameters that met or exceeded specification and listening tests that delighted industry experts.

This leading project has formed a long term trusted development relationship with the client.


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