Hydraulic test equipment cloud enablement

Fen upgraded an existing hydraulic field test unit to share data via BLE and the cellular network.

The Skills Required

Key comm's component evaluation and selection, coupled with secure protocol definition.
Optimisation of comm's protocol for speed and ease of user experience.

Embedded code development and optimisation for limited code space and processor capability.
Mobile App development for consistent user experience across Android and IoS platforms.
Integration of third party libraries for features such as mobile App PDF'ing.

Development skills and experience used in supporting Client hardware choices and design reviews.
Built-in software support for hardware calibration function.

The Brief

Fen’s client was upgrading an existing hydraulic test unit to a next-generation product. They needed to add new features including wireless data extraction from the unit and providing a mobile App to process and share the data over the mobile network.

Part of the upgrade of the existing product was a re-architecture and re-implementation of the full embedded code base.


The Solution

Fen worked with the customer to evaluate and select an appropriate BLE (Bluetooth low energy) solution that was both cost effective and technically appropriate for the requirements.

Fen re-implemented and upgraded the existing product code base to introduce the specified new features.

Fen developed a cross-platform mobile App to interface with the field unit using BLE and serve the unit’s test data over the mobile network. Fen specified and implemented a secure link protocol to discourage unauthorised third party Apps which might damage the customer’s brand.

Fen developed a PC test App to prove the embedded software solution and mobile comm’s link in parallel to, and independently from, the mobile App development process.


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