HD TV over narrow band channel

The client needed to upgrade their consumer video redistribution system to support HD TV.

The Skills Required

Fen researched and evaluated a number of candidate modulation schemes to meet the bandwidth compression requirement. On selection of a suitable scheme Fen integrated a third party modulation library with other board functions on a suitable low cost FPGA.

Fen had to consider individual building block elements of the transmission system in the context of cost and performance. It was also necessary to identify solutions that would lend themselves to an integrated system level solution that met the overall product requirements.
This required a deep understanding of every element and how they would interact.

The Brief

The client had a consumer video redistribution system that needed upgrading to include support for HD TV over a 300MHz coax frequency band. The challenge was to architect and demonstrate a system which could meet the requirement at a very aggressive BOM cost.


The Solution

Fundamentally Fen had to encrypt, encode, modulate, demodulate, decode and decrypt an HD TV stream and present it to the HDMI port of a TV, without breaching HDCP protocol requirements, all for a low-cost consumer electronics price point.

The narrow transmission bandwidth was only possible using a high-order QAM scheme not available in low-cost off-the-shelf components.

Fen met all of the requirements by architecting a custom design that combined high-specification third-party IP elements and low-cost standard TV components.

The challenge was bringing all of the elements together in a way that met the cost target whilst providing a  high quality user experience in a consumer product.

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