Personal safety alarm

The client needed support in developing a novel Bluetooth personal safety product

The Skills Required

Analysis of problem, requirements development, and implementation and testing of solution. Bluetooth/wireless/GPS product development experience.

Development and debug skills in supporting client hardware team
A dedicated task was undertaken to review the client hardware and identify where improvements could be made in battery charge life

Worked with CSR's Casira development environment to write full suite of C code to interact with and control a number of mobile and satellite handsets.


CEO, Securecom Technologies Ltd. - Dr Patrick Hartigan

Fen were able to hit the ground running and using their considerable skills and experience in Bluetooth product development, were able to quickly bring Securecom to a point where we were able to demonstrate a complete solution. As a result, we have asked Fen to continue to support Securecom towards Bluetooth Qualification and full production.

The Brief

Securecom needed support in developing a novel Bluetooth personal safety product. The requirement was for the product to function by pressing a panic button to wirelessly trigger an alarm, through either a Bluetooth-enabled mobile or satellite phone. The alarm was to be in the form of a text message containing location information.

The Solution

Fen worked with the Securecom’s engineering team to evolve the requirements and assess a number of routes to a solution. To best support the client, Fen worked with their hardware team and developed all the software to implement the specification and interface with a number of mobile and satellite handsets. Fen also have provided continuing ad-hoc support for the client through their ongoing development and demo timetable.

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